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Someone did a study on CEOs, and the study found that the most effective CEOs made something with their hands. Whether they went home to a sewing machine, a wood shop, or a garden, there’s something about working with your hands, something about working with materials that don’t care about you, that add value to a person’s ability to make decisions. Wool Hat is owned by two bad dancers and their children.  Matthew is the idealistic artist who thinks everything cost too much and Danelle is the realistic mother that knows that anything is achievable with enough hard work.  Matthew has an ever laughable degree in carpentry, but has spent the last ten years working with some talented cabinetmakers and furniture makers that taught him many, many things you can only learn working with talented people. Danelle, born as a farm-hand in the plains of Colorado and educated in the back-room of her Grandmother Barbara’s fabric store and CSU, uses her ability and love of good beer, skills of yesterday, community and consideration of all around to create an open-door existence.  Can you imagine their children and life decisions?